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Stotts Essential Print & Packaging
is a trading name of
Stott O’Connell & Company Ltd
Registered in England
No 1446453
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Product Design & Bespoke Packing

We have substantial experience in the design and production of bespoke packaging solutions made from various different materials for a vast range of packaging products. We understand market demands and offer a responsive service from origination to the finished product. We supply to most market sectors including the food, automotive, household goods and bakery sectors to name but a few and we can produce anything from a simple layer card to a bespoke, full colour printed carton.

Cardboard Engineering

Once the initial design concept is agreed, CAD brings accuracy and speed to produce multiple samples, line drawings for artwork and is linked to die cutting and proofing using the same computer generated profile. Customer alterations and fine tuning of carton layout can be carried out on screen quickly and accurately with minimum inconvenience.

Carton Manufacturing

We have an extensive library of standard carton designs, including those conforming to ECMA and FEFCO standards. This enables us to create and manufacture uncomplicated packaging that is proven to perform highly in both design and function.

Print and Finishing

Stotts Essential Print & Packaging can print up to 6 colours and varnish in one pass onto different surfaces and material. We can provide performance varnishes, die cut and strip on our fully auto die cutting machines. We are equipped with multi point high speed gluing machines that enable us to glue most complex carton designs.

Colour Management

Your brand is your image—and part of protecting the integrity of your brand means protecting the colours in it. However there are challenges, especially when working within a global supply chain. Our solutions give brand owners the power to specify colour using a universal colour language as well as ensuring quality control and colour management.

We use X-Rite eXact™ a next generation colour measurement solution that takes into account the new business needs and dynamics of a global supply chain. XRite eXact enables Stotts printers to truly understand, control, manage and communicate colour across the entire colour network.

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