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Unit 5 Worth Bridge
Industrial Estate
Chesham Street
West Yorkshire
BD21 4NS

01535 685902
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01535 685901



Stotts Essential Print & Packaging
is a trading name of
Stott O’Connell & Company Ltd
Registered in England
No 1446453
Terms & Conditions supplied on request


Stotts Essential Print & Packaging is serious about its environmental and sustainability responsibilities. Sustainability is part of our every day lives and we take measures to ensure that we operate in a most environmental and sustainable manner. We work together with our suppliers and customers to ensure the packaging solutions we provide are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

When designing packaging we find solutions that minimise board, energy and waste in manufacturing. We encourage customers to use sustainably produced materials and recycle or reuse where possible thereby helping everyone to minimise their environmental impact.

Stotts Essential Print & Packaging sources extensively from mills that subscribe to internationally recognised standards such as ISEGA, ISO, HACCP and EMAS. Our supplying mills operate integrated systems that help to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency.

We take great care in ensuring that customer deliveries are optimised in order to reduce delivery miles and ensure maximum vehicle utilisation.

Stotts Essential Print & Packaging is a member of Valpak, the leading provider of environmental compliance, recycling and sustainability solutions.
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